Who We Are…

Who we are in this world that is constantly changing, is so important. But its not in the notoriety of achievement or the attainment of goods, or any other ego driven set of importance. Who we are to ourselves, and how we treat others, is what’s really important. No matter what we do – it’s how we do it. Speaking and living from our truth, our true nature, then doing our best, no matter where we are, no matter what were doing.

We’re all equally valuable, just as we are, with all of our unique qualities. And if we can learn to live from this perspective, from this contentment, of doing our best with what we have at all times, knowing that we’re all equally important in this world in whatever function that we’re doing. Then the ego goes away, and we really have no wants. Everyone is important. Everyone is special. Everyone is needed.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

You Matter

We all matter – we have to know that deep down inside.  We may not always get the validation that our ego needs to hear.  Validation that we’re important,  that someone cares, that we’re making a difference, or that we’re even noticed. If you don’t know this about yourself then, I’m here to tell you that you do matter.  It you are alive then you’re important in this life, and you do make a difference. You don’t have to score an Olympic Gold medal, get straight A’s, or become a CEO of a major corporation. However, you can work to become the best version of you, with all of your unique and special attributes –  You Really Do Matter. I want you to carry that around with you.  I want you to remember that always. I want it to be felt deep in your core – You Matter!


Just a thought…

With Love,