Earth Day in its 39th Year!

39 years!  Congratulations!  For some this is the first celebration, and that is okay!  Whatever we can do starting from this day forward to make this world a better place is fine by me.  Let us take this day to be grateful for the awareness of doing better for our planet, and our world!   Then let us make a commitment to improve our daily habits, no matter how small the change is…   and do not forget that Earth Day tradition… Plant a Tree!

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Save money plant a garden

I have  an unusual craving for good quality fresh vegetables and food.  After years of being on a fast pace, and eating fast food, or any other convenient foods around.  I can not wait to plant my own garden, and to grow my own vegetables.  For those of you who have tasted a home grown tomato, you know that they taste far superior, and unlike any other tomato purchased in your local grocery store.  They are so different in taste that you could almost think that they are two different vegetables.

So my thoughts are plant a garden, help the environment, help my pocketbook, and then bring family and friends together with the planting, the harvesting, and then the consumption of those delicious veggies.

I do have  to tell you that this will be my first garden… laughing!  So I will let you know how it is going, and will appreciate any words of wisdom that you may have to offer.

Just a thought!

Love, Goldi

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