Success and Courage

You have no idea that you are capable of so much more…Have the courage to do something different, to adapt and change!  In whatever you decide it is that you want to do, talk to people about it.  Step up and  step out, be noticed, try new things, and expect more!


Just a thought!


Love, Goldi


Searching for a perfect life in a perfect world…

The Answer to all of Life’s Questions-The Bear in the Room!

Are we so focused on what we want, or what we think is happening that we miss the big picture? Is it really that easy to see it when we look for it?  When others are caught up in a drama it is easy to see what they are missing. You just want to yank them and shake them until they wake up, but it is hard to do it with ourselves.   In the past I have been just as guilty, not seeing my own drama, or patterns, or whatever else has been holding me back. Years have gone by and I did not notice the bear, until he began to jump up and down right in front of me. Positioning himself just so…to where I could not look around him anymore…wanting me to see him, and it is then and only then that I did.

So it made me realize that this is the answer to all of life’s questions!  That the answer is right here if we just see it.  So let us stop what we are doing right now!  Breathe…Relax…Slow down our minds… Start zooming out on life.  Get a little distance from it.  What are we missing? In business? In love? With our family?  With our friends?  Start to watch your life as you would be watching a show!   What would you do differently?  What needs to be done?  What changes would you make?  You know the answers…if you don’t, keep zooming out.  Give yourself some distance until you can see the whole picture.  If it helps, look at your life as if you were looking at someone else’s…what would you see?  What would you say to them? What would you change?  The answer is right in front of you!  Look for what is obvious!  See the bear!

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

Searching for the Perfect Life in a Perfect World… Remember that to make a difference in the world we need to begin with ourselves.  The choices that we make influences everyone around us, and to change in any part, changes the whole.

Positive Words to Change Your Life!

Changing your words is the beginning to changing your life.  I will succeed! I will prosper! I will recover!   I have great people in my life! I have the sun shining down on me! I have so much!  Little by little you should start feeling better!


Your next step should be to focus on what it is that you truly want in life, because you can not get there if you do not know where you are going.  Start declaring what you want while continuing to say positive words, then believe that you have what you want, and that what you want is yours. Have faith, really believe… I know this is hard when you feel the weight of your current reality weighing down on you… I bet you just felt a shift of feeling and emotion right there – when I said the weight of your current reality. I bet you physically felt yourself shrink with the weight.  That is what we need to change… that feeling to a positive one.  Boost yourself up with positive words…  This is what is hard, I know that you feel that you must see the changes before you believe it, but I am telling you that you must believe, really believe with your heart and soul, and then you will see…   trust me that this change is so liberating and freeing, and it makes you feel good now!


Just a thought!


Love, Goldi


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Searching for the Perfect Life in a Perfect World…