Want to Change Your Life – Be Ready!

When you want your life to change and you take the time to form the ideas, thoughts, and pictures of what you want – take hold; be ready for your life to change!  Life truly forms into what you’re thinking and believing will happen; Be careful… Be Clear!

My life started changing so fast that I almost didn’t recognize the good that was before me. I started feeling uncomfortable, and a little irritated.  What’s going on? I wondered.  Is this a sign that something isn’t right?  Where is this perfect life that I dreamed of?  It wasn’t until I sat still for a moment, that I realized, that I had 90% of what I had dreamed. The uncomfortable feeling was from the change itself, and from the fact, that my life wasn’t in the same package as I had pictured.  I realized that what I had craved in creating my “just right” life, was more about feelings.  Feelings of peace, and love, and of being adored; And –  I have that.  I wanted to write, and I have the time and ability to write.  I wanted a new life, and since I’ve transplanted myself 700 miles away, to South Florida, I can also definitely say – I have that. This change however usually comes with the cost of losing something else, and at first can feel a little uncomfortable, but its a necessary part of getting what you want.

More simply, yesterday after weeks of desiring a new phone, I accidentally spilled a drink on mine, rendering it useless. I now have what I wanted, a phone which will help me with my GoldilocksBlog, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites, and ultimately to having more of the life I’m creating.  I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t want to spend the money on the replacement, and felt guilty for doing so. Life left me no choice.

A friend of a friend wanted to move back to her home in Kentucky. She was laid off at her current location, but transfered to Kentucky. Now her and her husband live in different locations…

Acknowledge the existence of what you asked for with gratitude – recognize the good, and keep creating your “just right” life; give yourself time, and allow the divine universe bring you the rest.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi


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