Sing Your Song

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.  -Maya Angelou

What is your song? What is your passion?  You have a responsibility, to yourself, to live a full life; a responsibility, to stand up for yourself, and to make the choices that lead you to that life.  It doesn’t have to be one big thing. It can be a number of little things. Don’t shy away from your good. Be bold – You deserve it!

Sing your song!


Love, Goldi


Be Bold-Be You

Be shamelessly bold, and keep fearless strength and conviction, pursuing your unique dream of your perfect life. Then keep the faith, and live the dream. You are already great, just as you are, and the only way to live your life, is to honor what is special about you. Because your dream is important, and valuable. Nobody can take your place. Nobody can be you.  So start showing that your life merits respect.  Start believing that life is yours to live.

Just a thought…

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