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Looking for the Good!  Seeing the Good!  Watching for the Good!

We are all the same, and yet different.  We are all beautiful and yet ugly.  We are all good and yet bad.  When we turn on the news however 99% of what is reported is of caution, is horrific in nature, and is of ugliness in the world.  So I need your help! I want to see and hear about the good, and the beauty of people in our world around us.  I want to focus on that!  Send me stories! Send me photos! If you know of someone who inspires you, who is doing good deeds, or if you see anything or know of anything in the world that is positive please let me know in an email or as a comment.  It can be as small as today I saw the man in front of me pay for a lunch of someone in need, or I saw the most beautiful flower, or of larger things like a country like Bhutan with their Gross National Happiness, or of someone who is capable of moving mountains with good deeds, like Oprah, but who I have just not yet talked (blogged) about.

Lets Talk about it!  Lets See it!  Lets do it!  Lets focus on the positive and work from the place, the assumption, and the perspective that we are all good, beautiful, and are perfectly imperfect now! Just as we are! If we look, we will see it!  If we see it, it will grow!

Just a thought!



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Gross National Happiness

The first place that I would like to travel to is the country of Bhutan.  Bhutan is a country that is located in the Eastern Himalayas, and I believe that it would be the perfect place for me to start my journey bringing me more peace and inspiration in their beautiful country.  The true purpose of the trip however, would be for me to study their Gross National Happiness (GNH), a term which was coined by a former King of Bhutan.  The GNH looks at the well being and happiness of the citizens of the country and, in general, came about when the King decided to build an economy that was not just based on economic growth, but would grow in unison with spiritual development.  Bhutan is the only country in the world to measure its wellbeing by Gross National Happiness vs Gross National Product, and the country has ten ministries that are working together toward this goal.

Bhutan does so many things right that it may take several blogs to tell you what I think that I know about them, and then again after, or during my journey to tell you what I know for sure. 


Just a thought…


Love, Goldi

Searching for the perfect life in a perfect world…