Success – It’s so easy – All you have to do is Show Up!

Show up for success.

Step One – Show up and actually make it to the physical place of where you need to go, to do whatever it is that you want to accomplish. First, You have to start with where you are.

Step Two  – Show up and arrive fully aware and mentally present. Showing up thinking about your date last night or lack of a date last night is not going to yield you good results, and actually doesn’t serve you in any way. So show up and be present with what you’re doing now in the present moment, do it mindfully, with the best of your ability, do it consistently, but above all…

Step Three – Do It!  It doesn’t have to be great. Don’t over analyze to the point where you never actually complete the task.  Just do it, with mindfulness, to the best of your ability.

My intention with my AzulYoga website is to inspire, uplift and to bring more peace into this world in whatever way I can. Which I guess is also the the intention for my GoldilocksBlog 😉 which is why I guess I overlap 😉 … And because of this, every morning rain or shine I wake up before sunrise and then head to the beach to meditate. And, as I sit in my meditative state, with sand between my toes, I begin to feel the morning suns ray’s warm my face as it begins to rise.  I  pause for a moment or two, really taking it all in, while feeling and sensing my surroundings. Enjoying the moment with gratitude, that this is how I get to start my day. I then reach for my camera and snap a picture of the beautiful sunrise, and shoot it out to many different social media sites, along with a phrase or thought, of what I hope to be inspiring to anyone who reads and or sees my photo.  And, it struck me as to how easy it is to succeed in inspiring others in this endeavor, by just showing up and being present.

A beautiful and unique sunrise greets me every morning, and after I sit in silence a inspiring thought comes my way.  So I simply take the photo with my iphone, and just by showing up I get an awesome photo and inspiring words to post. (I’ll post a few of my favorites here for you to see, but for daily inspiration you can subscribe to my website or follow me on Instagram, Goldilocks Blog Twitter, Azul Yoga Twitter,  or Azul Yoga Facebook


, Goldilocks Blog Facebook) , and if nothing else…by showing up, I’m at least inspire myself, and maybe for now – that’s enough.  So what can you do to “show up” and to at least inspire – you.

Just a thought…

As always – With Love,