Completely Blessed

photo (13)These days I feel totally, utterly and completely blessed! I don’t have boat loads of money, or a big fancy car, but I have everything I need and more.  I’ve learned to live differently than I had before. I try to only buy, keep, or be around quality.  Not quantity, but quality. My friends are good people.  I try to live in a state of contentment with gratitude.  Grateful for what I have, and it works, I feel truly grateful for what I have and feel content and blessed.  But I’ve recently been thrown a little bit for a loop. It’s become easy to ride the ups and downs of life with the small things in life, like someone cutting you off in traffic,  the rude person behind you in line, or the unexpected bill. Recently however, my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time –  this time stage 4.  Finding that place where I’m accepting of what is at the moment, has left me feeling a little uncomfortable.  My initial reaction of feeling like I was going to throw up, seems so much more appropriate. Hindsight and past experience has proven to me that worry, sadness, and despair, will not help me or her.  My yoga training and practice helps reminds me to not put a future outcome to what may be, but to count our blessings and celebrate what we have now. I keep having to remind myself of that… hope your doing the same.

 Just a thought…

With Love, Goldi

Pour Energy Into What Is Right With You

Pour energy into what is right with you, as energy is all around you. It exists around every living thing – plants, animals, people. It’s in the air, the atmosphere and the earth itself. It circulates everywhere in entire universe, and this flow of energy connects everything – places, people, and things. We live drawing in energy to us at every moment, and it’s this energy that supports our life, as well as the life of all you seek to have. For most of us we may not fully understand laws of energy and Physics. Where it’s easy for us to see water converted to steam, I’m still amazed that I can wirelessly write on my laptop and post an article on something that can instantly be read simultaneously all over the world. We don’t have to fully understand it, we just have to remember that we are affected by the energy we put out, and by the energy we’re around.

So one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to live mindfully.  Aware of where we are, who we’re around, our thoughts – are they positive or negative, and the energy of the food were eating – is it grown with loving care naturally, or chemically produced in a sterile environment and put into a cardboard box.

Where we can’t however control who’s around us, or places we need to go, at every moment. And, where we’re not eating constantly throughout the day. Our minds however are always busy. So controlling our thoughts, or maybe detaching from them, should be our greatest work. If we mindfully become more aware of our thoughts, and with detachment become aware if the thought is something we need to react to, like a car racing toward us as were stepping onto the street, or if our mind is just bringing us drama. Pulling us into a state of anxiety, anger, or depression.  If we’re paying attention we can redirecting our thoughts by pouring energy/attention into all that is right. For instance, we moved into an extreme fixer upper of a home, and five months in we still have more ahead of us than behind us.  But I’m choosing, every time I become aware of my thoughts being negative, shifting, to pour my thoughts to that of profound gratitude that I get to live where I do. Their is always something you can be grateful for -if nothing other than that I’m still breathing, and still have the privilege to Live and Enjoy Life. It’s all realitive.  You can always find more or less if you look for it. So begin to find every thing you like in your life – thats right in your world, and attach profound gratitude to those thoughts, feel it in every part of your being – your life will begin to change. This redirection of energy brings more happy situations, and more reason to be grateful.

Just a thought-

Love, Goldi

Success – It’s so easy – All you have to do is Show Up!

Show up for success.

Step One – Show up and actually make it to the physical place of where you need to go, to do whatever it is that you want to accomplish. First, You have to start with where you are.

Step Two  – Show up and arrive fully aware and mentally present. Showing up thinking about your date last night or lack of a date last night is not going to yield you good results, and actually doesn’t serve you in any way. So show up and be present with what you’re doing now in the present moment, do it mindfully, with the best of your ability, do it consistently, but above all…

Step Three – Do It!  It doesn’t have to be great. Don’t over analyze to the point where you never actually complete the task.  Just do it, with mindfulness, to the best of your ability.

My intention with my AzulYoga website is to inspire, uplift and to bring more peace into this world in whatever way I can. Which I guess is also the the intention for my GoldilocksBlog 😉 which is why I guess I overlap 😉 … And because of this, every morning rain or shine I wake up before sunrise and then head to the beach to meditate. And, as I sit in my meditative state, with sand between my toes, I begin to feel the morning suns ray’s warm my face as it begins to rise.  I  pause for a moment or two, really taking it all in, while feeling and sensing my surroundings. Enjoying the moment with gratitude, that this is how I get to start my day. I then reach for my camera and snap a picture of the beautiful sunrise, and shoot it out to many different social media sites, along with a phrase or thought, of what I hope to be inspiring to anyone who reads and or sees my photo.  And, it struck me as to how easy it is to succeed in inspiring others in this endeavor, by just showing up and being present.

A beautiful and unique sunrise greets me every morning, and after I sit in silence a inspiring thought comes my way.  So I simply take the photo with my iphone, and just by showing up I get an awesome photo and inspiring words to post. (I’ll post a few of my favorites here for you to see, but for daily inspiration you can subscribe to my website or follow me on Instagram, Goldilocks Blog Twitter, Azul Yoga Twitter,  or Azul Yoga Facebook


, Goldilocks Blog Facebook) , and if nothing else…by showing up, I’m at least inspire myself, and maybe for now – that’s enough.  So what can you do to “show up” and to at least inspire – you.

Just a thought…

As always – With Love,