Balance – It’s All Good!

You can’t expect abundance to work in just one direction. If the tide only came in we would all drown. – Unknown

Yin and Yang, Hot and Cold, Darkness and Light, Male and Female, Positive and Negative, all seemingly forces that oppose one another, and yet they are connected, as with everything in life.

For peace and balance in life, we strive to hit the middle swing of the pendulum, moving so slowly back and forth, that it could go unnoticed. Ever so gently flowing with the ebb and flow of life. Gracefully living with ease. But, the tides can be strong, and so can the swing of the pendulum, or any opposing force. At times like these, we must adapt, gently pushing back in the opposite direction, until the waves dissipate, and we can slowly regain the peaceful flow. We must remember however, that the interactions are good and all forces are needed, creating opportunities for transformations, clearing paths, or getting rid of what doesn’t serve us. 

So, no matter where you are in life, just remember – it’s all good.

Just a thought…

Love Goldi