Trust your instincts – Live Your Life

Be easy on yourself. In fact – Be yourself, and let others Be themselves. If you want to change anything – change you. Live with your strengths and encourage others to do the same.   We’re all given unique and special gifts of talents an abilities, and we need to use them. Focus on what your good at and nurture that. And, If you have a desire to learn something new, the desire alone is reason enough to begin.  Trust your instincts – Live Your Life.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

2 thoughts on “Trust your instincts – Live Your Life”

  1. I need some of what your smoking. I’m thrilled your life is so pleasant. But a lot of people have it very hard. Do you volunteer…donate to shelters…make food at the shelter…help with community gardens. It seems you only talk of yourself. How about doing physically for others, All I hear is I…I…I.

  2. I do volunteer and have for many organizations, for many years. I did so much that it left me empty… that’s one of the reasons I started to write this blog. I took care of everyone but me… so this is my reminder to not forget my all important self. Sorry if it comes off wrong, and I appreciate your comment. Love, Goldi

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