Love is the answer to all questions. If you find yourself troubled, unsure, and wondering what to do, the answer is always love.

Love yourself, do something that brings you joy. Love your family, Love your friends, your neighbor, your boss, the stranger on the street.  Be kind, think – how would you want that person to treat you.  We all make mistakes. We all have history that fuels our reactions, nevertheless put those reactions in check, think – what answer comes from a place of love.

If your down and out, feeling blue, then treat yourself gently. Give yourself permission, to let things go for a while. Treat yourself as, you would treat, the person you love the most. What would you do for them, then give it to yourself.

If the question is between a job, a meal, or a moral decision; Think – what would I love to do, what is best for my family, my friends, the environment, and even society as a whole.  Think of the whole picture and Whatever the question is, Love is the answer, and always Right.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi


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