On The Road to the High School Reunion

I went to my High School Reunion last weekend, and thoughts about life choices, kept bouncing around my head.  Thinking about decisions, looking back, on what we should or shouldn’t have done, over the years, on the road that we’ve traveled.  It’s easy to see the main road map of how people got to where they are. And, I’m sure most of us had some sort of route in mind when we graduated, but I wondered if any of us really thought that we would be where we’re at. In hindsight, it seems that life might have been easier if we planned it in reverse. Because its easy to see and understand what we should have done after. So what If we planned our lives the same way, looking back, but starting in the future.  The main roads always look clear heading toward our destination.  The detours and side roads that we may have to take, is just life, and can lead us on some exciting adventures, but if we know where we want to end up, eventually we will get there.


At your 50th High School reunion, when you look back at your life, what do you want it to look like.


Love, Goldi

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  1. hey Donna,
    Glad you went to your reunion and hope it was fun for you!
    Just saw Bailey is on her way to Chile! Wowza

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