Never think, visualize, or talk about what you don’t want, what you don’t like, what’s making you sad, what you’re afraid will happen etc.  Forget about who said what to who.  When your thoughts start veering off tract – Always – center yourself.  Remember that you can only control yourself, and start thinking about the life you want.  Focus on things you want to do, to make that life possible.  Start getting excited about it!  The more excited you get, the more you’ll do.  The more you do, the closer you will get.  The closer you get, the more excited you will become.

Life is short – Let’s choose to be happy – Let’s choose to really LIVE.


Just a thought…


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3 thoughts on “Always”

  1. Thank you for the reminder that I am in charge of “me”. Today I will remind myself to stay focused on where I want to be. I would much rather be focused and excited about my vision, than to feel depressed and trapped by my present circumstances.

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