Living A Fulfilling Life

How do we live a fulfilling life? Is it in the acquiring of certain possessions; Is it in the attainment of a certain title; or is it in accomplishment of a certain feat. How do you decide, and what path will you take.

Everyone has a sense of what will fulfill them, and it’s this innate sense that I think we should follow. We are all unique, so it only makes sense that are passions are too.  It’s this purpose that cannot be replaced by anybody other than you.

We sometimes however think that wealth, or a possession, or a person will bring us fulfillment.  When the reality is the fulfillment can only come from within.  It’s a place of peace, of doing what are hearts are calling us to do. It’s not about the amount of money we have, or that we have the title of best golfer in the world.  No, it’s about being a golfer, or being a money manager, or whatever it is that you long to do. It’s about being happy in the doing. It’s about being – you!


Just a thought…


Love, Goldi