Live Your Life-No Judgements

When you’re young you blame your bad circumstances on others;  As you get older you tend to lay the blame on yourself.  If you’ve had time for deep introspection, you’ve realize that the blame, can’t be placed with others or on yourself.

Our lives are the result of a complex mix of past events.  Events that we may or may not have had any control over.  We have the knowledge of what we’ve been through, but have no knowledge of the total history, of everyone we’ve meet. So how could we possibly know, the motivation behind any act, or interpret the act as being anything other than just an event. Don’t take anything personally – Let it go…

Live your life measured by what you can control, and as if things, people, and essentially everything that happens, was meant to be. When focusing on what you desire, relax, confidently knowing that it’s coming to you. Don’t stretch your arms forward in order to grab a little edge of your dream, hoping to pull it towards you. Don’t bend backwards to what you have let slip by.  But, stay happy, peaceful, in the moment that your in. Wait until it comes your way, then take hold of what is yours.

Hoping that you’re truly living everyday of your life.

Love, Goldi – Twitter – Facebook