Thoughts of Love, Peace, and Being Unique

When we are born, we are not given choices of traits.  There is no one asking us what specific Nationality, Race, or Religion that we would like to be.  No choices of being tall, short, or of having a rich family. No choices of whether we want to be artistic, athletic, intuitive, analytical or any number of other characteristics. Yet we treat ourselves and each other as if we did.  We are all unique and we should love ourselves and each other for that reason alone.  There are many things the world would not have if everyone was like me,… which is a relief, that in our differences, we don’t have to be everything.

Sometimes people treat others as if they had a choice. Sometimes we dwell on why our life is harder, because of the choices we didn’t have. And, sometimes we forget that we have choices now. We can choose love,   peace, compassion, and understanding.  We can’t change whether we are tall or short, as well as many other traits that we are born with,  but we can choose to use the traits that we have, and make the best of it.   Choose to use your unique gifts and create your perfect life.

Just a thought…

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