Organic Soul

I’m not sure if my fears faced me or if I faced my fears… In my youth I merrily skipped around, unaware of anything that wasn’t beautiful. I felt secure in my home with my parents, and I lived in this fairy tale world in my mind – life was good. As I became older fears were dispensed to me.  “Prepare for the future.” “Beware” of so many things.  I became cautious, defensive; looking for the negative, so I could protect myself.

In reality, I created all that I feared.  My reasoning mind had told me I was doing all the “right” things, and now I realize that what I had thought of as my delusional youthful spirt, was the way I should have been living.  With joy in my heart, the fearlessness to do anything; and that I was protected in a way, that what wasn’t best for me, wouldn’t work out.

I wish I would have woke up to these facts so much sooner. My life would have flowed so much easier. I wouldn’t reason why this or that didn’t happen, or why this person or that person didn’t love me.  I wouldn’t of taken it personally. I would have faith that something better was in store for me. I guess I shouldn’t use the word “better”, because the people and opportunities that passed- were good, but they were not what was “just right” for me.

My organic soul is now living more simply, healthily, and close to natures flow.  Meaning that I still have goals, and wants, and desires…, and I’m taking steps and making effort to get to where I want, but if the door doesn’t open when I knock, I have faith that if I keep on knocking that the door that does open, will be what’s “just right” for me, or at least, lead me in the direction of where I need to go.

Remember to listen to your gut, follow your intuition, and stay organic and true to you!

Just a thought…

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PS… I know I’ve been away for a while, but I went through all my belongings, I’ve downsized, and moved.  It feels great – lighter, freeing!  Thanks for keeping with me!  With Love and Gratitude! Goldi

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