Nothing Lasts Forever-Enjoy-Live!

“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world—not even our troubles.”- Charlie Chaplin

When I turned 29 I worried for a whole year about turning 30.  Thirty was my scary age.  Seems kind of funny now, but I was frantic everyday for a year.  I asked myself questions like; “What have I done with my life?”  “Am I heading in the right direction?”  Questions upon questions until the day of my thirtieth birthday where luckily reality hit me, that day, was no different from the day before.  I had wasted a whole year, worrying about turning an age that I shouldn’t have been worried about.  The gift it gave me however, is that I’ll never worry about another birthday, and I will forevermore not consider myself old. Well, at least until I’m about 90.  😉

Unfortunately though, I didn’t learn the whole lesson, and was reminded again with the loss of love, and my financial future; sacrificing to accumulate, and reinvesting to prepare, trying to protect myself from what I didn’t think I could handle.  But,…when life happens, you do…, you handle it.

You learn to adapt and move on, and yes, you can make it harder on yourself by saying “why me” or “poor me”,  I know because – I did.  But, does it really serve us?  Do we really “own” anything? Our cars, our homes, our jobs, our loves, our life, isn’t it all temporary?  Yes, we can do things to “try” to protect ourselves, and we should; Like exercising to stay healthy, educating ourselves for the better job, loving and spending time with who we love, maintaing our homes and cars. But what we really need to do is RELAX-enjoy the moments.

Live your life doing something that you love, or something that allows you time, to do what you love.  Don’t give anything to much weight – the highs and the lows. Be extreme in your passion only, where by doing it gives you joy. Everything else in life should be done with moderation – no extremes.  Remember the best is “Goldilocks Way” somewhere in the middle.  Not my middle, or your friends middle, but your middle of what’s “just right”  for you, in every area of your life.

Just a thought…

With Love, Goldi

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