I always look back at my last blog before I write my next, and sometimes like today, I went through several.  Rereading yesterdays blog made me cringe a little because it sounded so cheesy, even though I do want to remind us to take some sort of action, even if it is small, so that we eventually get to where we want to go.

Which brings me to todays point.  We may never reach that ultimate level of perfection in anything that we do. If we wait until we know that we will be perfect, before taking action, then we may never try anything.  So go sound cheesy!  Do something sloppily, but do it!  Whatever “it” is for you!  Just make that first move.

Just a thought!

Love, Goldi

Having the perfect life in a perfect world…

3 thoughts on “Perfection”

  1. I like to quilt. When I first started sewing, I spent as much time taking apart the quilt as I did sewing the pieces together. Of course, it is impossible to complete a project at that rate. One day I read an article about an Amish tradition – to sew a mistake into each quilt, since only God can create something that is perfect. I have since applied that theory to everything. What a relief that I don’t have to be perfect to be complete and useful.

  2. Kathy, Thank you for your beautiful comments! Yes, what a relief that we don’t have to be perfect! Love – perfectly imperfect, Goldi

  3. Just stumbled upon this quote – “Use what you possess: The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang the best.” Henry Van Dyke

    Love, Goldi

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