Self Love

For the last two years I have been deep in self introspection. Wondering how did I get to this point in my life.  I came to the conclusion that I forgot to dream, and that is where I went wrong.  However, all month I have been writing and thinking about love, and I think, in truth, that is what I always dreamed of – love!  In my fairy-tale, girly, idealistic, fantasy way…I wanted someone to truly love me, and to truly love them. For my heart to be filled with this love. For someone to care about me and take care of me in any way. In my mind, if I had this love, the rest would just work itself out. The problem is that requires someone else to fulfill my dream, and apparently, after this deep introspection, I barely could count on myself – to love me.

Thankfully, I am working on loving myself.  I am nurturing me, and have allowed myself to dream of what my perfect life looks like.  I am letting myself take the steps to get there.  It has been slow, but everyday, I take at least one step, no matter how small, to make my new self love dream come true.

I hope you do the same.

Just a thought…with LOVE,


Having the perfect life in the perfect world…