I remind myself that I am in charge of my attitude, and I finally realize the impact of attitude on my life.  I have always believed the expression whether you think you can or you can’t you are right, and noticed in others the self defeating attitude that many have.  In fact, it is one of my pet peeves, hearing people complain about something without doing anything about it, and I must admit, that I have been guilty of that myself.

Attitude is more important than the facts.  It is more important that than what has happened in our past.  What we have succeeded or failed in.  What amount of education that we have. The amount of money in our bank account.  It is even more important than our gifts and skills.

If we focus on what is good in our lives, what is joyful, what is possible, and what it is that we want…if we believe, we will take the steps to get where we want to go, and have our perfect life now.

Just a thought!

Love, Goldi

Having the perfect life in a perfect world…

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