Life, Love, the World, and Change!

Since I am searching for the perfect life in a perfect world… I have been giving this a lot of thought. To make our lives better and then the ultimate to have a perfect world, we need to start small, start from the beginning, and start with ourselves.   We need to realize that what we do, say, think, and act on does have an impact on this world.  As with everything in life, a rippling effect occurs.  For instance something as small as smiling when you come in contact with someone can have such a positive influence with that person, which makes them smile at the next person, and so on and so on.   Or what about taking care of yourself where you are eating right and exercising.   Then you have the energy to do so many other things, and it frees family members or others from having to take care of you, so now they have the time and energy to do more positive things. 


Love yourself!  Be kind to yourself!  Then be better!  Make a conscious decision to make choices in everything that you do that will help make this world a better place.  I know that this may seem overwhelming, but if we just try everyday to be a little better from whatever place we are at right now, we can help make a perfect world!


Just a thought!





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