Hope for a better tomorrow! Lesson learned!

I watched a documentary about Nick Drake, and I love, love, love, his music!  I was however saddened by the fact that he ended his life early.  How could he have known that some day his music would be understood, that his music would be rediscovered, and that he would finally reach the success that he so longed for? 


I then subsequently watched a French Film from the 80’s.  This film followed the lives of four people.  One of the characters portrayed a married man with children.  He was a self taught man without a formal education, but with hard work had a job in management.  The company he was with merged with another company and his position was eliminated.  He was offered a position in another town, doing a job that was above his level of expertise. His wife would not move, but needing to support his family he took the job, and moved into an inexpensive apartment so that his income could go home to support his family.  Long story short, he had much stress with his home and job.  He was on the brink of total failure, when as a last ditch effort he had a meeting with two people who could possibly solve his problems.  The two of them however were also having there own personal problems that they were dealing with, and the meeting did not go well.  So the struggling man went back to his sad little place where he was residing.


The people who could have helped this man realized that they had been unnecessarily hard on him, and just a few hours later decided to reconsider, and called him.  That is when his body was found.  The film ended with darkness on the screen that then turned into a chocolate color.  Which then had a hint of green showing, which then turned into a splash of olive green, and it is at this point that you realize that the camera is zooming out and a image is coming into focus. It’s a leaf, a tree, a forest!  You think to yourself oh I get it!  We need to not just focus on one aspect of our lives because we might not see the forest through the trees.  We might not see the whole picture, and that is just it… when I thought that I got it all, that I was seeing the forest, the camera zoomed out more and what I saw was that forest was just a mural on a building.


So that is just it, when things are not going our way, we have to have hope and faith.  We can not focus on one dark screen.  When we do that we may be missing the larger picture, the larger picture of infinite possibilities!  We need to zoom out and look for the beauty and interesting things around us… so that we see that darkness is not the only thing around us, but it is actually just a small part of something bigger and better!


Just a thought!


Love, Goldi


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