Goldilocks, Lagom, the Economy, Life and Opportunity! Part 2 – Goldi’s Way!

I believe that in the economic climate that we are in that there is no better time than the present to make the shift of having our perfect life, and helping to create a perfect world.  In an earlier blog I talked about the three men who recently created Bump Technologies, and how that was not anything that I could, or would want to create. Technology is not my passion. It is however exactly what they wanted to create and they did just that!  They might also like Harley Davidson motorcycles… They are a great, great, motorcycle manufacturer, but I have no desire to own one.  I however love good quality handcrafted furniture and I love to just admire the beauty of certain pieces.   My point is that we should all follow our own dreams and not be afraid to have we want, and not be afraid to try to accomplish what we want, and not be afraid to be great at what we do!  We should also be aware of not having or desiring those things that we do not really want, just because our neighbor has them.  If we all took this approach, then we would have less but whatever we had would be of the highest quality.  We would all be living at our highest level and we would have, in our own opinion, the best art, the best furniture, and the best new technology that we desire. Again, we want different things so every area of interest would continue to grow.  We would live happier enjoying what we did, and would have more time to do the things that we wanted.  No longer would we need to run around in circles trying to do, and have and be things that other people say we should do, and have, and be.  So again lets take the basic principle of Lagom, the idea of the perfect amount of everything, and tweak it a little, and make it into what is just right for us… we will call it Goldi’s way!


Just a thought!




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