Rule Your Life

Rule your life and set your own standards. The other day three friends and I were walking by a piece of equipment made to increase your stomach strength.  One of us said; “Let’s see how long we can hold ourselves in this position”, and one by one we kept just slightly beat the other one out on time. Athletes are known to get better if they have competition, and in our daily live we do the same.  We tend to want more than our neighbor or friend, we want the nicer car, the bigger house, or the most recognition.  It’s the thrill of competition. The satisfaction of success.

Most of us go to school, graduate, get married, work, and have 2.5 kids, while a few trek across Europe.  When asked “most” say that they did what they thought they were supposed to do, and didn’t give a thought to what they would want to do.  “Most” have been conditioned to conform.

I recently became engaged.  My man said, when he proposed, that he didn’t want to pick out a ring that I would wear for the rest of my life without me.  He said; I could have whatever I wanted.  I thought about it and said that I didn’t think I wanted an engagement ring. I’m not sure that an expensive piece of rock means that much to me anymore. I would rather travel and spend time with family. The comments that we have both received, about our decision, have been more along the lines that we need to change.  We are not living up to normal standards, and we’re diverting from the norm.

The new norm should be that we all just strive to be the best that we can be, and not limit ourselves by what another is doing. In fact, we should look past and well beyond, concentrating only on our efforts, on what we want to accomplish.

When we think about our futures we should evaluate our own lives and determine what the right direction is for each of us individually.  What is it that we want to do, where do we want to live, and how do we want to live it.

The new norm should let us be content with “self satisfaction” in that we, rule our lives, and set our own standards.


Just a thought…

Love, Goldi


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