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Hello Goldilocks Blog Fans! If you’ve been missing me it’s because I kind of traded in my morning journalling, into broadcasting yoga and meditation at sunrise on the beach here in Boca Raton, Florida. Same concept as my blog – hoping to inspire, spreading love and peace out into the world.  I can be seen at . It’s raw and unfiltered so not always pretty.  

I wake up about an hour before sunrise, roll out of bed brush teeth, leave my hair exactly as it is, throw on my yoga clothes, make my tea, and way to the beach. I’ve applied no make up and  I’m not in my 20’s anymore, in fact I’m middle age. No time for primping as my husband and I together have 6 children (3 boys, 3 girls) and 5 grandchildren (4 boys, and 1 baby girl). Right now I have 5 boys at home (2 sons, and 3 grandsons, plus husband and male dog). Once at the beach I set up my tripod, lay down my blanket, mat, and then settle in to begin my broadcast. 

I broadcast to a global community of over 20,000 followers (AzulYoga on periscope), and it’s growing stronger by the day. This group of followers from all over the world add to the broadcast, making it better by their comments and spirit, and it’s truly a joy to be a part of. Today however I had what they say on periscope – trolls. They jump into a broadcast and make lewd comments, forcefully gives opinions on religion or politics, or just disrupt the broadcast in anyway they can. I’m luckily pretty unfazed to any comments, thanks to my yoga practice, but I always hate it for the viewers, who are new to periscope and don’t know that they can block anybody. Today’s trolls jumped on my appearance as I practiced – face, age etc.

It reminded me of an important message – that the beauty of periscope is it’s rawness, without the edits and the filters. To see things as they are. Which is a gift we strive for in yoga. A gift we should strive for in ourselves. The essence of turning inward and of seeing and being our true self. The divinity within us all. So my package and container may not be as beautiful as it once was 30 years ago, but my light within shines brightly. And, with perfect lighting, makeup and a great photographer, I’m sure I could appear to many as quite beautiful. – In fact I need to do that again soon 🙂

Nevertheless, again it’s not about the external beauty, it’s not all about the physical postures. It’s everything else, it’s who we are at our soul. My yoga is for EVERY BODY, or maybe I should say for EVERY SOUL.

So join me on this journey – just as you are. No judgements, even if you look like a model, or if your young or old, tall or short, skinny or plump. The journey is within. Come join me, just as I am.

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Love, Goldi

Donna Melanson

Azul Yoga in Boca Raton, Florida


Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you. Rumi

I’ve been practicing yoga on and mostly off for several years, but for the last few months I’ve been practicing more frequently.  Mainly because in my perfect life vision I kept seeing myself doing yoga, which was odd because, like I said, my yoga practice had been very limited.  Nevertheless, I’ve been searching for the yoga studio that seems to fit me just right. While trying to make sense of this vision, my awareness of wanting to live a healthy life, kept popping up. In fact, I want to live until the age of at least 100. So in that respect – I get the vision.  About four months in to my practice, I read an article that included a photo of a 91 year old woman, who not only was still teaching yoga, but practicing.  They photo showed an image of her laying on her back in plow position.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s where, while lying on your back you lift your legs and feet up over your head using your abdominal muscles, landing your toes on the floor. And, since I’m now, living in South Florida, I’m acutely aware of the limitations of many senior citizens, and found this feat amazing.  Her muscle tone looked better than many woman 60 plus years younger.  What a bonus!  So I’ve been hooked, and even more committed, to finding the yoga studio just right for me.

It all fits into my vision of my perfect life.  Although at times it can feel a little crazy, like when I decided to start writing this blog.  But when your trying to create your dream life, you need to  continually nurture what you already have and want, while reevaluating, adjusting, and taking action, for more good to come.  My vision continues to include having a healthy mind, body, and soul.  I believe that my new yoga quest fits right into that vision.  In fact, I want to become a certified instructor.

So start your project if it fuel you and fits your vision, live your life, and don’t worry what others think.

Just a thought,

Love, Goldi

Life is Beautiful

Last night I dreamed I was trying to get a man to see beautiful and magical pixy dust floating off of an old found object. The dust made the object illuminate, and in holographic sort of way, it spun 360 degrees showing every image from every angle.  I had the dust on my hand and found that I could do the same thing with other objects.  He looked, but I became frustrated, as he never would see.

Here in South Florida we were blessed with only above average rainfall and above average winds from Hurricane Irene.  The rain was needed and knowing the worst was off the coast, the storm was beautiful to watch.  Today the skies are the clearest and bluest I’ve seen.

Life sometimes brings us storms in one form or another, but when the storm passes it also brings us beautiful skies, beautiful objects, beautiful people found in the kindness of friends and strangers alike. It comes in many forms. You need to not only LOOK but to SEE.

See the beauty that life brings you.

Just a thought….

Love, Goldi