Reaching Past our Expectations

Would you believe me if I told you that I know a man, who is a Realtor, and like most Realtors, he recently had to reinvent himself.  This Realtor packaged him self up, promoted his services in marketing and business, and sold himself to one of the top attorneys offices in his area as a consultant.  They liked and believe in him so much that right now, in this economy, with so many qualified applicants per job, are not only going to pay him a salary, but will pay for his schooling to become a lawyer, AND guarantee him a job after.  He announced this only after receiving his acceptance to Law School.

Now this is not an average man.  He believes in himself.  He believed that he could make things happen. He went to this job dressed impeccably, he takes care of himself and he obviously continued to hold these high standards in his work.  But how many of us would of possibly made it in the door as a consultant, and then stopped, thinking that we did well. We would possibly of congratulated ourselves for making it that far, which I guess in this job market would be something to celebrate, but for many that would be it.

Is it possible that we are not reaching far enough? Do we settle because we think that’s as good as we can get? If someone told you that they were going to pay you a salary, pay for you to go to school, and guarantee you a job when you got out, would you believe them?  I know, Its hard to believe in this economy that its happened to anyone, much less ourselves, but believe – because it happened…

I personally will forever more, not doubt, even on the tiniest level that anything is possible.

Just a thought…

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