Wearing of the Green – Saint Patrick’s Day!

My earliest memories of St Patrick’s Day is littered with memories of boys and girls running around saying-“you better be wearing green, or you’re going to be pinched.”  I think this was one of my first introductions to flirting. They’re were more conversations, and interactions than usual, as the boys chased and the girls screamed.

Today, and years later, I am still running around.  This time, in my mind, about a man.  It has nothing to do with wether I am wearing green or not, but about a conversation I had with an old love. What do you do with a man who is all wrong for you, and all right for you at the same time? A relationship where your passion and ideals, fit so perfectly, that it’s beyond compare to any experience that you have had before. So perfect – that it’s like a real life fairy-tale, where in your perfect Goldilocks life, this is the feeling, an experience, that you want to have with you always.

It’s hard because the good is so good, that it makes it hard to turn away from or to understand.  The reality is that we don’t have to understand it or turn away from it.  We just need to accept and enjoy how it is at this moment, and keep focusing on what we want.  If it fits, as we are pursuing the life that we want, it will stick.  If not, it will fall away.  We can only control ourselves.  We need to keep out minds eye on the life that we want; reevaluating, adapting, and continuously moving along the way.

Just a thought…

May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck!

Love, Goldi


Having the perfect life in a perfect world…