Strength with Peace

I’m halfway through my yoga teacher training. It’s become so much more than I ever thought it would be.  I’m reflecting on my journey, as I sit here in a semi meditative state after my yoga practice. There’s a powerful storm brewing.  Winds are picking up and I feel it’s force blow by me through the open windows in the usually calm space.  I see multiple flashes of lightning illuminating the dark sky, and hear the rain as it helps to enhance this meditative state that I’m in.

My instructor is always reminding us teacher trainees that we should always be at a place of Steadiness and Comfort in our yoga practice.  In my mind, for some reason, I’ve always replaced the words to Strength with Peace.  Today, with the powerful storm illuminating, my feelings of my newly gained strength, along with the steadiness and the comfort of my peace, seems magnified.  As if I am both stronger and softer at the same time. 

It’s wonderful to feel the peace within, but it’s also wonderful when you can go to a place that helps you to expand. My training has seemed like a retreat.  A place where I get to go and honor myself.  Taking care of me, for my health, and my own personal development.

I hope, if your haven’t already, find your own place of steadiness and comfort.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi