Be Happy

Be happy now.  Where you are, who you are, and whatever your doing right now – be happy!  Don’t wait until tomorrow.  Don’t wait until your vacation. Don’t wait until you lose weight, or get that job, or that date, or any condition that you’re holding out for…

Happiness will not be found in the highest price house, car, or diamond.  They are just things – that at the end of the day, don’t really mean anything. Someday they could be destroyed, lost, or have outlived their usefulness; but our attitude will always be carried with us. Not to say that you shouldn’t have those “things” if that is what you desire, but that it’s not what will bring you a sustained life of happiness.

Your choice in how you perceive where you are, who you are, and whatever your doing right now, and has a greater affect on how your day, or week goes, than anything that you’re waiting for. It’s conceivable to say that our greatest riches, come from how we choose to perceive every moment that were living.

Don’t delay your happiness. Simply,… be happy now.


Just a thought…


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