Get Out Of Your Head

Do you ever notice that the stress that we have, comes from inside our heads. We’re constantly thinking about what happened yesterday and what could happen in the future.  The thoughts are often worse than what actually occurs.  Often no thoughts are to what doors the event/s may open, and how great things can become.  It also made me think of how being in our heads, can also be like we are living mindlessly.  I know that’s a contradiction.  But, think about those times when your driving your car to work. It’s the same route you always take.  It’s become so routine, that when you arrive, you realize that you really don’t know how you’ve got there.  We’ve stayed in our heads without realizing the journey.
Do you remember a time where you’ve gone on vacation to somewhere you’ve never been, you’re relaxed, you’re looking around, you’re totally in that place and space. You see the people around you noticing the differences from your culture and theirs. You noticing the dress,The language, the smell, and taste of their food. It’s not routine, and you’re totally present.  It’s the same as when you’re with a small child and see life through there eyes. They are looking around and pointing things out. Things that you’ve seen a million times, but haven’t stopped in awhile to notice.  It’s then when you do, that you are fully living in the present. You’re more relaxed, and are living life as it is, not what it was, or what may be.  Relax and enjoy what you have right now, in this moment.
Don’t miss out on your life today!
Take your shoes off and feel the grass under your feet!  Walk in the rain and enjoy the sensation, or feel the heat of the sun on your skin! Break the routine, get out of your head, and mix things up!  Live Now, and really stop and smell the roses.
Just a thought…
Love, Goldi