Green Shoots in Our Economy

Bernanke needs a new pair of glasses! Unfortunately I am afraid that the green shoots that he is seeing are weeds, and yes at least something is growing…  we would not want to see another great American dust bowl!  Yes, it is great that our economy did not totally collapsed, and that our ground is being held together by something, and yes we should be celebrating that!  But we also need to be planting our own seeds!  Seeds that will help us, our families, our communities, and our world become a better place!


When we think things are going well we tend to go along our merry way, functioning without much thought, along with the rest of the status quo.  I am here to remind everyone that this is our opportunity for change!  To start again with thought, and a new awareness!


No matter where you are in life.  Do things differently… think of the greater good!  Deep down you know what the right choices are… you may think that they are harder, but in the end the crop you reap will be so much better than you can imagine!  But do something!  Don’t just sit there!  Bernanke needs our help!  So get up, get out, and start working that soil, start sowing the seeds for the life that you want! 


…and then next spring when Bernanke puts on his new glasses, he will again see green shoots, but this time instead of weeds the shoots will be those of flowers, or of volunteerism, or of a new business that you always wanted to start!


Just a thought!






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