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USA Today reported yesterday that on Haley Reinhart’s home town visit,  a sign was held up saying, “Goldilocks Rocks”.  That caught my attention 😉 And, for some reason I’m a little embarrassed to say this,…but, I love watching American Idol, and Haley from the beginning, has been one of my favorites. And, it’s not because we have the same hair. 🙂  What moves me watching Haley and American Idol, is that it’s everyday people living their dream.

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know that’s what I’m all about.  I want all of us, to live our dream life. What moves you?  What brings you joy? What does your perfect life look like? If you haven’t created it yet, I think you can learn a thing or two from watching Haley. She didn’t make the cut the first year she tried out for American Idol.  She was almost sent home early during Hollywood week.  She was in the bottom two several times during earlier eliminations, and who says after finding out that she’s been eliminated, “This is only the beginning”!

Remember we all start out beginners, it’s what you do from there that makes you succeed. Keep moving forward.  Keep making choices and taking actions, no matter how small, in the direction of living your “just right” life. If you stumble, or pause, or slip up, just get up and continue on.

Haley, continued on, to sing and rock the song Bennie and the Jets, and at the end shouted “You’ll be seeing me! This ain’t the end of this! This ain’t the end of this thing! Shindig – See ya Later!”  And, I’m sure we will.

Just a thought…


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Changing your Life-Faith

My mother told me that my father had wanted to be a sports writer, which I believe he would have been really good at.  He was enrolled at a University and told this to his journalism professor.  The professor thinking it or he was unworthy discourage him, and my father took what he said to heart, and promptly withdrew not only from the class but from school.  He believed that if he could not do what he wanted to do, why continue.

So how do we know if people are giving us true criticism or advise (like some people need on American Idol) versus a naysayer, someone who just wants to kill our dreams for whatever reason.  Is it because they could not do it, or because they don’t think it can be done…and do we listen to them for the same reasons? Regardless of why, I believe that it only matters what we believe.  We have to take our own inventory.  If we can’t carry a tune, then no, we are not going to be professional singers.  We also need to take note that people with an extraordinary talent to sing, do not make it to the professional level, and sometimes people with less talent or someone who does not fit the perfect mold of being a star, succeed.  Have you ever noticed that the people that do make it seem a little different.   It is as if the song, the music, the voice, or talent is coming from a different place.  It’s as if it’s coming from their soul and who they are.  They radiate an authentic self and you feel it, and that is what makes them special.

Think of Susan Boyle…,I do not believe that she was thinking of fame or fortune when she stepped onto the stage.  She had a dream and just did what she had to do.  What she had been practicing to do for years.  Her song came from deep within and seem to pour out of her heart, soul, and every pour in her body. It affected billions, and shocked all that had predetermined that she had no talent.  That is the difference!  That is what you need to know!  What is it that you feel like you have to do?  What is in your heart and soul?  Then start taking the steps to get there-have faith!

Just a thought!

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