Fill the Negative with the Positive!

A reader wrote to me, and wanted to share what she learned from Al-Anon saying that she used it not only to help her family member but also to help herself.

“It comes from my little “One day at a time in Al-Anon” book

(AA is for the alcoholic; Al-Anon is for the family of the alcoholic)

Before AA comes into the life of an alcoholic, and before Al-Anon reveals a new way of life to us, correcting one’s faults seemed to depend entirely on will power, directed at eliminating them.

Bad habits and compulsions cannot be conquered by determined resolutions or promising ourselves that we won’t go on doing this or that.  They cannot be rooted out – for what would fill that vacuum?  They must be replaced – with their opposites.  The secret is to substitute the positive for the negative – the I will for the I won’t.

Today’s reminder:

If I am morose and discontented, I will deliberately cultivate happy thoughts.  If I am prone to criticize, I will seek out what is good and pleasing and fix my mind on that.   I will replace my fruitless doubts and fears with faith and confidence.  If I am bored, I will learn something new – even a new way to make the same old chores more enjoyable.”

So let us digg all of those negative thoughts, feelings, actions, words, out of our body, mind, and soul!  And make a conscious effort to fill up and seek out the positive in everything we do, say, and feel!

Just a thought!

Love, Goldi

Searching for the perfect life in a perfect world…