The Secret – Inspiration- Friends

I have a friend named Shelley, and her enthusiasm spills out from her!  You just really enjoy being around her or even just talking on the phone to her, because her positive energy just overflows.  She makes things happen too!  She is able to manifest that which she wants, and she has been a great source of inspiration to me.


Shelley and her family recently bought a big beautiful home.  Talking to her a few weeks after purchasing her home she says to me.  “I love my home! Even while I am on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor I am thinking of how grateful I am to have this home, and how I am enjoying scrubbing this floor.” 


My friend is also an artist, she is new in town, and she wanted to get the word out about her work.  I told her about wanting to start a blog and we have been brain storming ever since. I worked toward starting my blog and writing, and she decided to contact the news paper, and the next thing you know she becomes the featured artist. In the past when they have featured an artist it has been a few paragraphs and possibly a single black and white photo.  Her article becomes a half page with many colored photographs.  As a result of this article she gets commissioned to create a piece of art for a client.  In the mean time she is dropping off her children at school when the art teacher notices her signage on her van.  She is then brought in to teach the children her style of art.  Then, she decides that she is going to submit a design for the local city celebrations poster.  This celebration has been going on for over 25 years and is a three day event that brings in very large crowds… and yes you guessed it she is picked.  Her design wins and she will be feature and celebrated through out this event.  She will be at all of the kick off parties, the featured events, and have a signing booth during the celebration!  And… the story does not end there.  She then contacts a magazine that was interested in doing an article on her, to let them know that she that her art was chosen for this cities celebration and next thing you know she is getting an e-mail telling her that she is going to be featured in the next issue of the magazine!


All of this happened in about a period of three months.  Her secret I believe is that she knows what she wants.   She is truly living in the moment, is grateful for everything, and appreciates all that she has.  She radiates that spirit of enthusiasm. Then she puts her self out there.  Letting people know who she is and what she does.  Then magic seems to happen… Shelley creates the life that she wants!


I am learning from her. May be you can too! Just a thought!





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