Changing your Life-Let Go-Give in

Are you pushing, pulling, squeezing, stretching, and trying to manipulate a certain outcome, and while you’re waiting for this outcome, does time seem to stand still.  When fear pops in, do you stop trying to make things happen, and then watch, as time flies by.

Never stop trying, but “let go” – to whatever your trying to accomplish – give it time. Time to marinate, and season into the perfect form for you. Keep living the life that you want. Believe that everything will work out in your favor. Believe that you already have the life that you want, and let the rest fall into place. Give in to time, give in to life, give in to the outcome. Let your life unfold, stay curious and open to the opportunities that show up for you…  What happens may be better than you dreamed.

Just a thought…


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