Goldilocks Blog-Transform Your Suffering-Richard Rohr

  If you don’t transform your suffering you will transmit it.Richard Rohr

I turned on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday yesterday as I often do on Sundays after teaching my yoga classes. I usually need a moment to veg out and I like to keep myself fueled up with positive thoughts, ideas, entertainment, and people. Richard Rohr was being interviewed by Oprah, a replay of a previous presentation, and as I was settling into the couch with hot tea and a few cookies in hand, the above quote popped up –If you don’t transform your suffering you will transmit it-Richard Rohr.  Since I’m a yoga teacher I try to be mindful of the energy I bring with me, but I never really thought of transmitting my suffering, and then immediately felt remorse at how many times in the past I had done just that. How many times that I allowed the action of another to affect me so much, that I carried it with me. And worse how may times I had started the chain of negative transmissions. 

Hopefully, as we navigate through the forest of life with our new awareness, we can all become more mindful of our transmitting energy, And maybe, just maybe we’ll be able to recognize it for what it is -negative energy that may have been picked up from someone else, and possibly not react, but respond in a more compassionate way.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi