Step Into Your Fulfilled Life

You have to remember to grow if you want to fully live life. Take chances, do something that’s beyond your current reach.  Extend and grasp the life that you want. If you know deep in your soul that if you do it, it will make you a better person, or enable you to help someone, or it will fulfill a life long dream. Then you need to do it.  You have to start somewhere. Take action now.  Take that first step. Then the next, and then the next.

Yesterday I watched a couple sing a song in front of a small group, the song was beautiful, and admittedly after, they said that they had not been singing together long. It was just something they had wanted to do, and they just did it. None of us would have been any wiser if they hadn’t shared.  The point being, it’s not a big deal to anyone but you, if you make it that way.  Just sing your song. Pick up that instrument. Learn that skill. Paint that picture. Stand in front of the crowd. Start that business. It can be something small like singing in front of a small group, although to them that might of been large. Regardless, they had to extend themselves, take the chance, and the reward is fully living.

Live your fulfilled life. No limits – Just take that first step.  It may just lead you somewhere entirely different, and absolutely more fulfilling.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi