Own Your Life

Don’t worry about “who” said what, “who” is doing what, or what “who” did to you. Live your life – Own it! Claim it! Control it!  Who you are when you walk into a room, who you are while you’re there, and who you are when you leave, is all owned by you. You living your life – your way. Don’t be affected by the drama of others, or any other negative influences. If you let yourself be drawn into someone else’s drama, then you’re in the drama too. Leave it where it is – not attached to you.

Focus the only thing that you can control – you, and remember that your physical and mental health are affected by everything you put in your body. So not only eat healthy, but fill your mind and thoughts with positive sights and sounds. Do your best to read, hear, and see positive, happy and joyful things. Own your life, and do your best for you!

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

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