Stop-look around!

I was sitting in my living room today, contemplating life, when I heard a fly buzzing at the window.  I don’t know how he got there, or why a fly was at my window in the middle of winter, but there he was working as hard as he could to get out.  It reminded me of a story, told at a seminar a few months ago, by a speaker that I do not remember, talking about a book that I do not remember.  He said the fly works so hard to get out.  He is determined and unwavering in his effort. So determined that he may stay right where he is until he dies. He works so hard at his task, hoping that one day it gets him out to where he wants to go…if only, he would stop and look around to see that a door is open on the other side of the room, and all he has to do is to turn and fly out.

What are we missing?

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

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