One day a friend of mine came home from work to find that his fiancee had moved out.  She left a short note and the ring.  He was so baffled, he had just talked to her a few hours earlier, and hadn’t noticed anything different in her voice or in the conversation.  We were all worried about him. Its hard enough to lose someone you love, but to lose someone without knowing what happened, could be maddening.   He however remained fairly calm and sane, which made us worry more.  Was he in a state of shock?  We tried to get him to go out, thinking of woman that we could bring around to distract him, but he would calmly say no in a peaceful way, stating that he just didn’t feel like it.  A few months later he announced that he was going to try internet dating.  He said, “isn’t this great, it’s like ordering from a catalog, I can pick exactly what I want in a person”, and “I have met someone. I am flying to New Jersey next week to meet her.” OMG!  We were worried about his state of mind. But, he was still just so calm, and seemingly sane, except for this! When he came back he announced that she was better than he had ever imagined and that he was going to marry her.  Fearful for him, I felt that I had to step in and ask what he was doing, he obviously had emotions that were not dealt with. He however schooled me…,answering that he could not change what had happened, but just accepted that it was for the best.  He said, “I prayed to God for a good woman.  I prayed for exactly what I wanted.  I told God I wanted a beautiful exotic girl that was good, nice, and compatible to me.  She didn’t have to have money, maybe even drive a 89 Subaru, like me.”   He paused and went on to say, “she is all that!  She is a beautiful Brazilian girl. She is sweet, and we had so much fun together, we just clicked.  I knew in an instant that she was the one for me….and guess what, her families only car, is just like mine.  Its even blue!”

A few months later they married and they have happily been together for six years.

Just a thought…

Love, Goldi

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