Since ’77 – A Love Story

I met a man in his early 50’s, a few weeks ago, who was driving a 77 dusty blue corvette. His license tag read Since 77. Durning my conversation with him he said that people often assumed that he had owned the car since 1977, and would come up to him to talk him about it.  He said the truth was that he had been with his wife since 77, not the car.  The car was just a bonus.

He had been happily married since he was 19. They had children and grandchildren, and he had retired early to Asheville, NC.  I questioned him a little more, always wanting to hear more of a love story, and he seemed happy with his life and his choices.  In fact, he was smiling when he announced that today was his anniversary!

Wishing them 32 more, happy, years together!



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