If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.


I feel foolish and stupid most of the time…I am not sure why I am not content with accepting my life as it is, but I am working on it.  I realize now that I have to take a step back and let things unfold as I go, knowing that I do not see the whole picture, and that I can not control everything or really anything but myself.  I am however a champion at seeing what can be, and I am great at taking steps in the direction that I want to go.  Sometimes I achieve and sometime I don’t, but I keep on trying…creating new and different dreams.  My creations were always about making a living. Such as I can do this because it will produce an income stream that will support my family. To…they said I could not do it, so now I have too.  To…this will help my friends, and we will have fun along the way.  Some of my decisions were brilliantly foolish and stupid, and others were just foolish and stupid!

This is the first time that I have thought about what I want my life to look like?  What do I think a perfect life looks like?  …and, will I allow myself to have a perfect life? It has been a struggle.  Some days are easy, because it is what I want to do, and other days are hard because I am still living in my former life, and it seems to take time with obligations, some of which you want to see through, and others that you would just like to pull the band aid and have it over with.  At what point do you stop with the old and completely move on with the new?  Is it a pulling apart that just takes ease and patience, pulling slowly and gently as you are moving over the delicate areas?

I guess that is it.  Are lives are so intwine with so many others, that unless you do not care where anyone else lands that is associated with you, or of the consequences, that it is going to take time. We will have to keep adapting, evolving, and improving along the way. Going with the flow, but always with the goal in mind, knowing that we will get there!

Just a thought!

Love, Goldi


Searching for a perfect life in a perfect world…