Mothers Day!

This Sunday is the day that we take time out from our very busy lives and honor our Mothers…  My Mom happens to be one of the best!  I am one of those rare people who had a happy childhood and I have my Mother to thank for that. 


My mother has always had a positive outlook despite her unconventional (being nice here) upbringing.  She always had a calm outward appearance and I do not remember her ever raising her voice. Oh! Laughing… except once, I do remember her chasing my brother and I around the house with a rolled up newspaper, we had been fighting and she could not stand it any longer.  She ended up catching us as we ran around the dining room table seeing who could get at who first.  As she cornered us both she ended up swatting my brother and I with the newspaper, and we started screaming loudly. It sounded like a real beating, and we kept on screaming until we realized that it did not hurt at all.  I do not know who started laughing first but I think we all just ended up thinking how absurd the whole situation was at the same time, and then none of could stop.


Another memory of my mother, and my childhood, was when I was about eight or nine years old.  Being a little girl and one who was always playing princess or Cinderella I had been thinking of how I could make my hair look beautiful and different.  So I came up with this ingenious idea of parting my hair in back like I would do if I was making pig tails, and then tying them under my chin with a single tie.  I loved my new hair do that I had created, and my mother could sense that and she let me go proudly off to school.  At school with the teachers, it did not go so well as you could imagine, but I was then and I am now still proud of her not making me conform to what others felt were acceptable, and of letting me be me!


I love my Mom!


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2 thoughts on “Mothers Day!”

  1. My favorite school pictures of my daughter are the ones where she fixed her own hair and picked out her own clothes. I especially remember the one with the Pebbles Flintstone ponytail on top of her head right behind the hot pink headband.

  2. Thanks for the comment K. Pope! I agree, I think the best photos of children are the ones where they are just being themselves. It truly brings you to a place where you remember how they were at that time…

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