Tough Economy – Time Bank – Help Create A Better Community!

I believe that this tough economy is creating opportunities to change for the better!  Earlier I talked about being downsized and how that change might inspire you to start living the life you want, but it is also a chance for us as a whole, to help change our community and our whole way of life. 


I believe that we all want to have peace, love, friends, and family in our lives. What if we shifted our perspective and wanted less.  Simplified – We would not need to work two jobs, we would have time for our family and friends and ourselves.  Which would create more joy in the world, and then we would all live healthier, longer, and happier lives.


I thought about what if we took this a step further and we created real communities where everyone really cared about the betterment of all.  I then stumbled upon  .  Now I have to say that I know nothing about this organization… I just looked at the site and I loved the concept of what they are doing.  The concept is that everyone has something to contribute and everyone usually has a need as well. So you may contribute your time doing something for someone and that hour will go into a time bank, and then you would have a time dollar for someone to do something for you. 


Time Banks Mission:”Strengthening Communities through reciprocity”  Sounds like a good idea to me!


Just a thought!





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Downsized- have the life that you want!

My friends brother was recently laid off due to his company downsizing  its personnel due to the recession.  My friend told me that when his company brought him in to tell him of his dismissal, he jumped up and said “I am out of here”, and I totally got where he was coming from.  Sometimes you spend your whole life doing all things that you are suppose to do. Getting an education, then some how you are supporting a family, and you have a home, and a car, and debts.  You feel like you are trapped and you have no way out. You become bitter and depressed. You want another life but society and, being the good person that you are, does not let you walk away from your obligations.  I mean why would you want to walk away from a job with a high salary that supports this life?  Just because your not happy.  So getting downsized and finally having that excuse to do what you want to do, and to have the life that you truly want, suddenly seems possible and freeing. 

So may be we have to lose everything to get everything that we truly want.  As a individual we have more time to spend with family and friends.   As a society we have a chance to make changes and to do what is better for our future as a whole. 

The challenge is after years of mindlessly doing what we are suppose to do, is finding what brings us joy, and happiness.  What is it that we truly want to do?  Then just going ahead and doing it.

Just a thought!

Love, Goldi

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