True Beauty

Yesterday I couldn’t wait to slice up some of the most perfect and beautiful strawberries that I’d have ever seen.  Every strawberry in the carton was perfect; large, red, and perfectly shaped with the greenest and healthiest caps, stems, and leaves attached.  And, as I sliced each strawberry into half, displaying its internal structure, one after another my disappointment grew.  The strawberries were mostly white; I bravely took a bite. Yes, I had definitely been duped by its packaging.

I’ve also fallen victim to people with pretty packaging, and have noticed that a lot of people have done all of the work on the outside of themselves, can be pretty blank on the inside; and also like strawberries, people who have totally let them selves go on the outside, are also usually decaying on the inside as well.  Then there is the ever perfect organic strawberry, with a little more time and effort may or may not be the largest or the most perfectly shaped, but in it’s own authentic way, is both beautiful on the inside and out.

Must remember to stay organic! Just a thought…

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Living our Perfect Life

It has been awhile since I have posted a blog…In the process of finding my perfect life, I started living it.  I have traveled to Portland, Maine; Carmel, California; back to Asheville NC, and then to Los Angeles, California. I will tell you all about them on a future post. I am home now, and in the process of closing the book on my old life.  It is not as easy as pulling a band aid, or may be it could be depending on your circumstance.  For me, I have some cleaning up to do that I believe will take about nine more months, which is a story that I will share with you later.  I have started writing a book about my old life and what brought me to this point.  That is what I have been doing with my time, other than completely enjoying my family and friends, while looking forward to my new journey.  My plan now is that in late August or early September 2010, to head out and travel across the US meeting beautiful people and seeing beautiful places, and I promise I will blog more at this time.   Then traveling to all of the beautiful places in the world.  Meeting fabulous people, and learning all I can along the way…

I am not exactly sure which route I will be taking, or where I will be stopping, but I do know that everything is going to work out just right!

Cheers, to your perfect life that you create!

With love,


Having the perfect life in a perfect world…