The Wizard of Oz – You already have what you need!

Why is it that we sometimes are blind to our own gifts?  In the story the Wizard of Oz Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scare Crow, and The Lion, all have what they are looking for.  The Tin man wants a heart, but he is already has the ability to be loved and loving.  The Scare Crow wants a brain, but he already has the ability to think.  The Lion wants to be brave, and Dorothy, she just wants to go home.  They all have it, they have the ability to do what they want.  It is just not until the Wizard validates them and tells them that they can before they believe it.  We need to learn to become out own Wizards. We need to recognize that everything that we need is already within us.  We just need to believe and act from that place. 

I know sometimes this is easier said that done… I like doing yoga with an instructor who tells me to breathe, relax.  So that I remember to breathe and relax as if it is okay now, I have permission.  So if you are having difficulty in some area, find something that reminds you like a mantra, a positive blog 😉 , or an activity, until it becomes more automatic for you.  Just remember to remember that you have it already!  Find it!  Believe it! Live it!

Just a thought!



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