Who’s Got Your Back?

Keith Ferrazzi has a new book called Who’s Got Your Back.  I have not read it nor have I read his first book Never Eat Alone, but may be I should.  I believe that to have a perfect life in a perfect world, no matter what the life is that you want to create, that we need to have great relationships. 

They say it takes a Village to raise a child, and I say that we need that village to stay with us as we grow old. The village may change a little, people moving in and people moving out, but we need people around us who have our backs.  People, who care and support us, people who will not only hold us accountable but will encourage us to continue to create the life that we want. 

We can not do it alone and feel fulfilled.  Success at any level feels empty if you have no one to share it with, but that being said, we need to love ourselves first.  We need to know the strength of our village members. We need to know who has our back, and if we find that our village is too small, or that no one in our village is capable of giving us the encouragement and support that we need.   Then we need to love and respect ourselves enough to know, that it is time, to bring more people in.    

Just a thought!




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